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PCB Basics 
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laebet toto, May 16, 2019

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Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards are easy to design and manufacturer. They are also the most cost-effective PCBs.

kambi,Since these boards have only one conducting layer the conductive paths cannot cross or overlap and thus tend to take up a large amount of space. Due to this such PCBs are ideal for low-density design requirements. 

conman,Key Features of Single-Sided PCB

  • Cost-effective and suitable for high volume of orders
  • Suitable for Low Density Designs
  • Easy to manufacturer
  • Easy to design
  • Easy to repair in case something goes wrong

Single-Sided PCBs are used for simple and low cost electrical/electronic devices like calculators, power supplies, LED Lighting boards, FM Radios, Timing Circuits etc.,e-sport betting apple app store

Click here to see a list of Single Sided printed circuit board manufacturers.

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