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PCB Basics Vias 
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A Via is used to make an electrical connection between the layers of a Multi-Layer PCB. Connecting multiple layers of a board makes it possible to reduce the size of the PCB, as layers can be stacked. A via is constructed by placing copper pads on each layer of the PCB and drilling a hole through them. The hole is made conductive through electroplating or by placing copper cylinders directly in the drilled holes.

The inner part of the via is usually filled with a non-conductive material (air in most cases), while the outer layer of the cylinder has a conductive plating which is used to connect each layer of the PCB.,liga super scoreboard

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great blue rebate,Types of Vias

There are three main types of Vias used in a Printed Circuit Board:,Winbox winner

Through-Hole Via: This Via goes right through the PCB board from top to bottom and can be used to connect all the layers of a PCB. It is the most common via and is easiest to construct.

Blind Via: This Via connects the outermost layer of a PCB to the next layer. It can not be seen on the other side of the board and is therefore called blind via.

Buried Via: This Via can be used to connect internal layers of a PCB. It is not seen on the surface of the board.

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