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Eutectic solder is a type of solder that melts and solidifies at one single temperature. For example, Tin 63% / lead 37 % that melts and freezes at 183°C (see figure below). Most solder starts to soften at a certain temperature and only fully melts at a higher temperature. For instance, the Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 solder starts to melt at 219°C (426.2°F), but only reaches its full liquid state at 221°C (429.8°F). 

genting casino,So any solder alloy that melts and solidifies at one single temperature is called Eutectic solder. When we change the composition from Tin 63% / Lead 37% to Tin 60% / lead 40%, then the melting point becomes a melting range. The solder alloy having a melting range is known as non-eutectic solder.

top gun lebih,What is the advantage of Eutectic Solder?

cambodia 4d live result,Since Eutectic solder melts and solidifies at a specific temperature, it is better for the solder reflow process than non-eutectic solder. It speeds up the solder reflow process which results in a faster PCB assembly process and a higher throughput which in turn lowers the effective cost of PCBs.

Other advantages include:,macau covid 19

  • Eutectic solder flows much better than non-eutectic solder.
  • Eutectic lead-free solders are made up of alloys that are less expensive to manufacture. 
  • When the solder melts and freezes rapidly the quality of the solder joint is good. 
  • Eutectic solder has a nice chrome finish compared to non-eutectic solder that usually has a dull and grainy appearance.
  • During the solidification process, non-eutectic solder will go through a period of partly solid and partly liquid states. At this time, if any parts shifts or reflow process is interrupted it can cause cracks in the solder joints (hot-cracking). These cracks are difficult to detect during the QC inspection.

A list of a few Eutectic Solder materials can be seen in the table below.,sabah88 rebat

Lead-free Eutectic Solder Composition

online casino roulette prediction,Solder Alloy composition 

paul phua,(% weight)

joey chestnut,Composition

Melting Temperature ,crown worldwide group


918kiss slot,95.6Sn3.5Ag0.9Cu

Tin-Silver-copper,eminem kamikaze lyrics

joey chestnut,217°C

True eutectic determined by National Institutes of standards and Technology (NIST),hotel sahara

95.5Sn3.9Ag0.6Cu,big sweep 1.12.19

Tin-Silver-Copper,sejarah nombor

217°C,carta plan bee

US NEMI consortium recommends this solder for  reflow soldering. Used in BGA balls.,new scr2 cash

nov malaysia,95.5Sn4Ag0.5Cu

Tin-Silver-Copper,berjaya sports toto berhad

scr2 tunai,217°C

asia bookies,Specifically designed to replace the lead solders in copper and stainless steel plumbing.


Indium –Silver,genting singapore

c8 facebook group,143 °C

Used in photonics device and cryogenic applications  ,big swep

65Sn25Ag10Sb,raja bomoh malaysia

Tin-Silver- Antimony,cambodia 4d live result

powerball australia,233°C

Very high strength. Used for die attachment,sabah88 rebat


sbobet kasino,Zinc -  Aluminium

sabah88 rebat,382°C

Used for Soldering aluminium.,c8 facebook group

91Sn9Zn,singapore turf club race result

crown worldwide group,Tin – Zinc

online casino roulette prediction,199°C

genting casino play online malaysia,Specifically used in Aluminium to Aluminium and Aluminium to copper soldering.

52In48Sn,918kiss h5 rebate

Indium – Tin,sc388 toto

118°C,hotel sahara

sc388 toto,Suitable for low temperature soldering.

eminem kamikaze lyrics,58Bi42Sn

Bismuth – Tin,peer to peer games

newtown lebih,138°C

berjaya sports toto berhad,Extensively used in through-hole technology assemblies in IBM mainframe computers.



33winbet official,227°C

Commercial applications,ibc003

How do you select eutectic solder composition?,play live roulette

paul phua,There are various compositions of eutectic solder available. Choosing the right composition for an application is based on several factors. But, the solder melting point of the process at hand is the main factor to consider.

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